What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is an event hosted all over the world. The basic premise of the weekend is to take your business from concept to creation in 54 hours. It might sound a little bit crazy but it’s absolutely possible to do and some teams even turn a profit in that time. The focus is on the Lean Startup Methodology by Eric Ries, where people are encouraged to remove traditional boundaries and monetary restraints and focus on getting stuff done.

Startup Weekend has over 45,000 people in its alumni network and over 36% of teams continue working on their Startup Weekend business after the event. I find Startup Weekend rejuvenates my motivation for life, business and increasing my skills. It’s easy to fall into monotony when working on a project for a long time and progress doesn’t get made for whatever reasons. What I love about Startup Weekend is the crowd it attracts. The people who attend are lovers of getting stuff done. 80% of participants keep in contact and continue working with each other. The reason I was able to get into so many of the projects I’m doing at the moment is because of initially the Ruby on Rails meetup in Adelaide and then from that going to Startup Weekend and meeting so many great, enthusiastic people.

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