The audience is buzzing as we wait for the big Sir Ken Robinson

In the meantime we have have been exploring the possibilities of Web.3 with Judy O’Connell. You can connect with that thinking on her website. enjoy.

Sir Ken says over 300M people from 150 countries have listened to his talks, he is chuffed that the ideas that we need to be doing education differently, and that education policy has become such a hot topic, as important as the defence of a country. Trouble is govts are using the PISA to make policy and becoming “experts” and indulging in the Global Education Reform Movement known as GERM and we educators are getting the flu or a pain in the neck from that germ.

Now he is questioning the modern intelligence test, another sore.

SirKen debates the development of technology, which can expand our minds and of course can do the opposite. Technology often has unintended consequences. Now he reflecting on 1950 technology, ah, the party line, an early form of Facebook!

Will machines become conscious, have intelligence and rights?

Now he is reflecting on the growth of the worlds population, and saying that our education systems were not designed for the explosion. He draws on the explosion of the agricultural monoculture which have now depleted the earths soil. The industrial mode of agriculture is measured by the yield, as are the industrial education systems, creating problems in populations, exacerbating inequalities. He encourages us the see education like the origins of organic farming measured by Health, vitality, diversity and fairness, that is taking care of all the different parts of the system. At the moment the education systems are being measured on a limited and unfair set of criteria, this is the GERM.

He speaks about the urgency of humans surviving on this earth, and encourages us to focus on the culture of schools, diversity, creativity and care. He believes that Resilience and talent develop in the right culture, after all, human development is to be discovered and nurtured. Rather than think about education in terms of outputs and yield, best to think about it as an organic system, which needs a climate for growth, where changes happens when it bubbles from the contribution of the people within it.

Our students have a lot of energy passion and talent bound up in them, and education is not about yield, but to create the conditions to release that talent and let it grow.