Generate engagement, collaboration and critical, creative thinking in STEM

STEM Spaces is a five day professional learning experience in which you will work in a ‘Design Team’ to  create interdisciplinary learning experiences in STEM, suitable for your site and your students. A ‘hands-on’ approach to Inquiry Learning and using the Design Cycle will allow you to meet and collaborate with other educators. Build your skills in ‘making’ and your understanding of integrating and assessing ALL of the STEM Learning Areas in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Applications are open to teams of teachers from Reception to Year 12. Not an expert? No Problems! Your skills, knowledge and interests will be valued!

Over the five days, participants will have the opportunity to explore many of the following:

  • Design Thinking
  • STEM Learning Design
  • Authentic assessment methods in STEM
  • Technical skills such as CAD, 3D printing and laser cutting
  • Techniques for improving student collaboration
  • Building the students’ General Capabilities

This immersive learning opportunity will see participants ‘living the learning’ by engaging in the experience of working collaboratively through the design and making processes. Outcomes will include:

  • Establishing valuable professional connections with other educators in this field
  • Creating and implementing Learning Designs which are contextual and applicable to the school community for which they are created
  • Self-identifying and developing the knowledge, understandings and skills needed to enact the Learning Designs

Sites and/or Partnerships are strongly encouraged to support the participation of more than one educator in order to strengthen Learning Designs and their implementation within schools. Sites able to support the participation of teams will be prioritised for selection.

The support of site leadership teams is also a necessary factor for inclusion in STEM Spaces as is some evidence that Inquiry and Collaborative learning strategies is recognised within the sites Strategic Directions, Vision, Site Improvement Plan or other such documentation.

The program is open to schools interested in designing STEM learning programs in their school community. Participating schools will need to cover teacher release and their own travel & accommodation costs.