The ASMS approach to Maths teaching and learning is the focus of this professional learning program. ASMS teachers are committed to personalising learning in mathematics and have designed learning programs to support the development of self-directed learners.

When learning is personal it is understood and appreciated by students, they clearly understand how to learn and can access regular, timely and individualised feedback from their peers and teachers. Teacher give more choice and autonomy to students, using technology to support students self-directing their learning.

Educators are invited to spend time learning more about the ASMS approach to teaching and learning Mathematics by being at our school and working with teachers, leaders and students. The format is negotiated with participants and may include multiple days involving time at the ASMS and ASMS staff working with school based teams in their school.
This professional learning program provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Gain insight into the way the ASMS has successfully designed mathematics programs for the past 14 years,
  • The Opportunity to work with ASMS in designing your own approach to mathematics and
  • Have access to our Mathematics learning designs and on-line curriculum materials

When & Where

As negotiated at the ASMS