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Ep. 1 – Maths in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Welcome to the first podcast in a series of podcasts that highlight and showcase stories and experiences from staff at the Australian Science and Mathematics School. The ASMS is a public 10-12 high school in Adelaide, South Australia. The school offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with a focus on Science and Maths. Each episode will feature staff in our school discussing their experiences (both good and bad) about key parts of our curriculum, learning design, and school structures. These podcasts are targeted towards other educators and anyone interested in hearing about innovative ideas in education. Follow the release of new podcasts through our ASMS PL Blog and through twitter @asms_pl.

This episode discusses the process of integrating Mathematics into our interdisciplinary curriculum over the past 3 years. It features insightful commentary by Matt Verdon (Senior Leader, Mathematics in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum), Amanda Brook (Year 12 Student Engagement Leader and Mathematics teacher), and Ben Mattsson (English and HASS Teacher). The discussion is facilitated by Karla Pobke (Director of Professional Learning). It includes responses to questions such as:

  1. Describe why you have integrated Maths into the ASMS interdisciplinary curriculum? What drove this change? What was the imperative for change?
  2. In what ways does Maths in an interdisciplinary curriculum support student learning?
  3. What professional learning have teachers been involved in that has supported this change?
  4. What have been the biggest obstacles and constraints to this change? For students? For teachers? For school community?
  5. What advice would you give to other schools that are wanting to change Maths Learning Design?

We would love to hear your feedback.

Ep. 1 – Maths in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum
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