Talking about change, for you, us, the nation, the world. The swirling development of technology disrupting our lives, and education. (He is talking at a rate of knots)

Shift in the economy ……blah blah blah, our manufacturing jobs are disappearing ……. Blue collar jobs are location dependent however, white collar jobs are also in danger because of the new tools to do routine cognitive work, these will be / are being outsourced.

He is shouting at us, the nature of work is different, built on a global people cloud, companies of one, like Jimmy in Shanghai or wherever is his home is, ….. In an increasing competitive economy, work is moving at the speed of light to other places and back. All this is cheaper and faster that the office of people doing routine cognitive work.

Companies are putting out the work, groups of people might work together online to do that work, they will be in several different groups, some of the people are our students. Watch out!

“Learning and earning is from the neck up. Everything reform the neck down is low paid. ”

Now he reminding us of what has happened to work as agriculture was mechanised.

New work is for the creative class……. He is showing us a graph showing the decline of the service jobs and increase in creative jobs since computers have been around ……. He tells us about the $1B spent in the apple store in December 2013

Oh dear, we have a fundamental problem he says, we still have schools designed for the Industrial Age, still promoting traditional content and processes, test and transmission, one size fits all requiring regurgitation, and now he is getting really annoyed because we are still telling the parents and students that they will be prepared for the world ……. Trouble is, prepared for the Industrial Age…… Ooooops.

He claims that 70% of the jobs will need a different set of skills, gamification is changing the workplace, learning …….. Are we gamifying the curriculum, teaching processing and coding, … Don’t think so. Is that in the SACE accreditation, oops don’t think so.

Oh no, he reckons we are approaching the hunger games economy …… That doesn’t sound good. That sounds rather disrupting. He is predicting the children are facing 17 careers …..

Disruptive innovation rewards people who can upgrade their skills and knowledge, who can adjust quickly, develop and employ skills related to software skills, who will replace what they know .

Teaching knowledge, that seems to be a thing of the past, google it, we need, he says, schools that will help students find knowledge when they need it, so that they can compete on the global scene …… So that they know it when they need it, not if they need it.

You know what, he says we need to do that now. Not sure what we are going to do with the year 12 curriculum …… Not sure what we are going to do with all those teachers who want to tell students what they know rather than help students find our what they need to know when the occasion arises.

He thinks we might not feel comfortable about all this, maybe, he challenges us, we think it will blow over, don’t think so. We need to shift our business model …… Now he says we have to do it 24/7

Fortunately, he is blaming the “educational decision makers” oops that might be us. He says, we might be caught with our paradigms down hahaha,

Connectivity is transforming knowledge. Now we all have a “side brain” that is our devises, and we get testy if connectivity is slow let alone down. Our students expect connectivity, IT IS A RIGHT TO THEM he shouts at us, along with all the other ICT thingies that they want . School is happening all over the place, so we better get with the picture, if education is going to survive we must lift our game, like, do we actually need human teachers…… ?

Adaptive technology can replace much of what teachers do. Our students learn differently than we do, oh dear, that will be a news item for some teachers. Our students see the world as one great big social network …… Oops who still has got that Facebook blocked. Have we forgotten that, we might think we have blocked it, and our students mobile devises are transforming their learning experiences.

Now he is going on about BIGDATA …….. Here to stay he says …… Personalising learning so that means we have to get our heads around that.

Do you think our policy makers get all this, …… Now there’s a rhetorical question. He is saying that our education systems are nor serving our students well, and guess who is wearing that, …. Not the policy makers that is for sure, yes buddy, it is us. We and our teachers are getting it in the neck

FOR WHAT WORLD ARE WE PREPARING OUR STUDENTS ……… the future or the 1960s ????

R U WILLING ABLE TO LEAD THE NECESSARY CHANGES ……. now that is rather disrupting…..

What will happen if we don’t he challenges us? Gosh, he is beside himself, claiming that we are the key to Australia’s future ….. ok it’s hard he says…… Have we got the vision, the desire, the capacity…..

He says we are the paradigm shift converters so let’s get on with it. Trouble is now he advising the teacher to take baby steps, not sure that is the right, the brave, jump in and do it.