Those of you who have ventured into the online realm of Twitter will know that it is filled to the brim with teachers. As blogger education blogger for The Telegraph Maralyn Parker writes, “Twitter is a teacher superpower.” If you have been to a conference in the last eighteen months, you will no doubt have been told to “follows the hashtag” and “tweet throughout the day” as a means to get further involved in the discussions. These discussions often die out a few days after the conference finishes, though, and with a number of teachers this means their Twitter accounts grow cold and remain dormant until their new professional learning experience.

What needs to be realised however is that educators globally are having meaningful discussions via Twitter constantly and these are not attached to a conference that they are attending but rather self-created hashtags. These education-specific hashtags are the means to which educators are discussing issues and sharing ideas and resources.

Passionate teacher Jeannette James from Oakhill College in NSW, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the CEGSA conference last month, has been instrumental in connecting educators via Twitter. She has curated a list of Australian education hashtags, also including times in which these hashtags turn into live chat, which I believe you will find very helpful.

Go forth! Expand your professional learning network!

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