Posted on behalf of Mette & Zascha

During the first week we were introduced to a variety of things, methods and people here at the ASMS. We are now going to look more into the different parts of your methods of teaching and how you achieve a successful integration of humanities and sciences in the subjects you teach.

One could argue, that you have an advantage in comparison to the school we come from, since your students all have applied to attend a school with a specific focus on science. But still classes have to make sense to the students. It is interesting to see that you seem to be doing it with a focus on skills, by teaching students how to ask questions that are connected to all subjects in order to achieve results. By that, there is not necessarily a big difference in the approach to one or the other. A difference we would have thought bigger or more difficult to achieve – that it would be easier to combine humanities with humanities, and science with science. But perhaps we would able to engage more students in their learning by combining humanities and science?