Last night was the first Adelaide Data Science meet up. It was pretty cool, probably more around entrepreneurial stuff and commercialisation than it should have been but I think given it was the first event it was pretty good overall. There was 3 speakers that shared their projects and views on data science in Adelaide and abroad.

Adelaide Uni – Anton van den Hengel:

Adelaide uni is using big data for image search. Some of the projects they’re using big data for are really cool. There’s an image editing tool that can get an image and search flickr for images that have similar pixels and can choose the optimal image you can insert, sort of like a realistic version of clip art. They also have an algorithm that can get an image and find all other matching images. It then compares the GPS data on the found images and finds the highest density of similar photos and can tell you from that where the image was taken.

UniSA – Dr Drew Evans:

UniSA is getting deep into manufacturing and using new technology including big data/data science to optimize processes. With commercial partners they’ve developed a reflective plastic mirror that is currently being sold on Ford F250s in the US. This mirror doesn’t shatter on impact making it great for vehicles. The mirror has only had 1 warranty claim ever. UniSA is using the data from the cars as well as their manufacturing processes to discover ways to make the product better and improve customer satisfaction as well as safety.

Innovyz – Philip Vafiadis:

The Innovyz program is creating a 9 month program for people working in the data science space. Innovyz is looking to invest in things that will create future prospects for South Australians and believes that instead of having medium enterprise the future will be mostly large enterprise and a ton of small businesses.

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