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At the ASMS we understand what makes learning extraordinary. Come and learn with us.


The ASMS has a key role within the South Australian Department For Education to support the professional learning of educators with an interest in increasing student engagement, growth & achievement in science and mathematics. The professional learning activities offered by the ASMS are facilitated by teachers for teachers.


As teachers learning is our profession, it is our way of being. The ASMS is a professional learning community. We actively seek to connect with educators from across the state, nation and world, providing an opportunity for rich conversations based on our knowledge and experiences of designing learning and teaching approaches that aim to challenge and intellectually stretch each of our students.

The ASMS is seen as a focal point for innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Educators come to learn with us as we strive to foster innovation in science and mathematics education.


There are a variety of ways that you can connect with our professional learning services:

  • get involved in one of our professional learning programs
  • read our Blog
  • have a look at our resources
  • contact us to design your own professional learning program
  • come along and watch the ASMS in action
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  • Professional learning is not effective unless it causes teachers to improve their professional practice.

    Hayes Mizell
  • I have felt encouraged to feel more confident to invite a greater range of responses from students that can be used to document evidence of students' learning journey.

    Professional Learning Program Attendee
  • I now feel armed with a number of excellent resources to teach a high quality unit.

    Professional Learning Program Attendee
  • It's amazing, an excellent contribution to education.

    Monica Sandoval
  • A great school!

    Professor Brian Schmidt Australian National University
  • Personalised, individualised learning in action.

    Graham Jenneker
  • Excitingly different experience, congratulations on an excellent school, thank you.

    Keira Jane Fitzpatrick
  • A very interesting afternoon. My colleagues at Utrecht University will be interested as well.

    Jenneke Kruger

Meet our team

Professional Learning for teachers facilitated by teachers

  • Karla Pobke
    Karla Pobke Director Professional Learning

    Karla’s leadership focuses on the professional learning within and beyond the ASMS and as the Director of Professional Learning at the ASMS she coordinates and ensures all ASMS professional learning programs provide the opportunity for educators to grow and develop their skills and knowledge to support our students to engage in extraordinary learning.

  • Matt Verdon
    Matt Verdon Senior Leader Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Learner Analytics

    Matt’s leadership focuses on supporting teachers across the ASMS to design and implement high quality Maths learning. Matt has extensive knowledge and understanding about how data and learner analytics can be used to inform learning design.

  • Feresh Agahi Pizarro
    Feresh Agahi Pizarro Emerging Technologies

    Feresh’s leadership focuses on supporting teachers to understand, use, and develop confidence in emerging technologies. Feresh has extensive knowledge and understanding about a range of emerging technologies and uses innovative approaches to ensure emerging technologies are embedded into our learning design.

Professional Learning Blog

A window into the ongoing professional learning of the staff of the ASMS

Talking ASMS

A new series of podcasts that highlight and showcase stories and experiences from staff at the Australian Science and Mathematics School

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